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The Reviews...

“Adam Barr was excellent! There is a slow reveal to this listen with a taut ebb and flow to the events. Barr performed the words like a sonata. It was an absolute pleasure.” (Missing)


“The narration by Adam Barr is a highlight of this audio. He has done an excellent job with distinct voices and great interpretation of dialogue. He infuses a great sense of urgency into the action sequences that is especially superb. This will not be the last performance I check out by this narrator.” (America Falls Boxed Set Volumes 1-3)


“This book grabbed me from the beginning with the noir style and the gritty voice of the narrator Adam Barr.” (Missing)


“I was very impressed with Barr’s reading style as the words consistently conveyed the proper tone and emotion.” (America Falls Boxed Set Volumes 1-3)


“Mr. Barr…does a wonderful job of bringing the world to life and giving it feeling and character in different voices and his reading.” (America Falls Boxed Set Volumes 4-6)


“A great positive here was the narrator, Adam Barr. He did a myriad of accents – Irish, British, Scottish, American – for the various characters. He did a very nice job with pacing and made the story more interesting to me.” (Ghost Light)


“[T]he narrator does a amazing job painting the picture in your head like you were there watching it yourself…will definitely be checking out similar books he narrates in the future.” (America Falls Boxed Set Volumes 1-3)


“Adam Barr is a really good story teller…” (America Falls Boxed Set Volumes 4-6)


“Also great performance from Adam Barr, superb narration really adds to the wonderful writing…” (America Falls Boxed Set Volumes 4-6)


“Adam Barr does such a wonderful job with all the accents and voices. You can almost see it playing out in your mind like a play. This is a must listen-to.” (Ghost Light)

 “I also enjoyed Adam Barr’s narration of this story. His voice and style are a perfect fit to the story and I hope he continues to narrate the series in the future.” (Missing)

“The voice artist is SPECTACULAR! I must say bravo for handling such a large cast with many accents." (The Atherlings 1944)

“Fantastic book, I really enjoyed it. The narration is well done and kept my attention throughout. The story is full of action and suspense." (Finding Pegasus)

"Barr does great with all the voices and really brings the story to life."(Civil War)


"Wow! Brilliant story, fabulous narration!" (Ghost Light)

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